Greeters. Hosts. Ushers.

GREETERS:  The Ministry of Hospitality is the ministry that underlies all others, and Greeters are crucial to this ministry!  A member who is a Greeter arrives early to welcome all comers to Church of the Holy Apostles, passes out bulletins, gives information and assistance as might be necessary to worshipers during the course of the service, invites everyone to the fellowship hall after the service (ensuring newcomers and guests have someone to escort them and talk to them), and generally puts a friendly face on the community for any who enter the door. 

HOSTS:  Hosts are members of our Bishop's Committee (our governing board).  As leaders of the congregation, it is their responsibility to make sure our sanctuary is ready for worship, and the needs of our parishioners are tended to.  Hosts open the building, adjust light, heat, etc., ensure bulletins and service materials are in their proper places, prepare the fellowship hall for our gatherings after worship, and make sure the buildings are clean and secure when our time together is finished.

USHERS:  Ushers bring up the bread and wine for Communion, take the collection, and provide 'direction' to people (for example, when to go forward for Communion) during worship.