7 Divine Church Picnic Recipes - Oasis Caribbean Restaurant

7 divine church picnic recipes

Enjoy this wonderful red velvet pound cake with its ideal blend of ingredients ice the cake when it cools then add toasted nuts for crunch red velvet pound cake

A simple egg wash makes this cheese danish flaky and delicious it tastes like a bakery or coffee shops sumptuous morning delicacy heavenly cheese danish

This warm filled shells meal was originally made on christmas eve but we eat it yearround you can simply assemble and freeze it to bake later decadent spinachstuffed shells

The  tropical twist on a favorite key lime bars mix the pies flavor with blondie batter and cream cheese icing thicken the crust if required key lime blondie bars

This delicious nobake strawberry pretzel pie will satisfy your sweet taste this summer one of my familys favorite warmweather snacks its made using pantry goods strawberry pretzel pie

This homey breakfast or brunch meal is excellent everyone wants more the  delicious and winesap apples from our orchard make this a midwestern supper apples n cream pancake

Colorful gelatin salad brightens every table it complements this christmas feast its silky texture and delicate taste confused us kids apricot salad