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7 great new electric cars coming in 2024

The cadillac escalade iq is a fully electric fullsize suv that has been produced by cadillac since 1998 the target for this large ev is 450 miles of range it is not well recognized for its gas mileage the cadillac escalade iq

A california firm produces the midsize crossover suv known as the fisker ocean car and driver claims that the company sold its first few automobiles late in the previous year the fisker ocean

The corvette receives a hybrid variant called the eray in honor of the legendary sports cars 70th anniversary according to consumer reports it would be the fastest corvette ever to go from zero to sixty miles per hour in 25 seconds the chevrolet corvette eray

The spiritual descendant of the beloved vw bus of decades past according to kelley blue book the 2025 id with a nostalgic vibe the 2025 volkswagen id buzz

This brandnew honda crossover suv has a 300mile range estimate and a neorugged appearance in 2024 it goes on sale kbb claims that it is a collaboration between honda and gm the 2024 honda prologue

Do you recall dune buggies from the 1960s and 1970s according to edmunds an investment business is bringing back the meyers manx that started the dune buggy obsession in the past the meyers manx 20

According to cnn rollsroyces first electric vehicle ev is a huge twodoor coupe with 577 horsepower a 300mile range and thousands of tiny interior lights that mimic a starry sky the rollsroyce spectre