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9 classic french pastries anyone can make

Pain au chocolat a rewarding baking project resulting in freshly baked flaky chocolate croissants while the time may seem daunting much of it is handsoff making it well worth the effort learn more arrow

Profiteroles despite sounding fancy profiteroles are essentially little ice creamfilled puffs covered in melted chocolate surprisingly straightforward to make theyre a delightful treat thats sure to impress learn more arrow

French macarons these classy french delicacies feature crisp shiny shells with a rich filling while they have a reputation for being challenging to make following the right tips can ensure success every time learn more arrow

French madeleines these french butter cakes can be flavored in various ways this recipe uses browned butter almond extract and orange zest for extra nuttiness and brightness learn more arrow

Financiers these nutty financiers are a petite taste of france made with almond flour browned butter and egg whites to keep them light and airy learn more arrow

Apple tart a classic french apple tart made simpler by macerating the slices instead of cooking down an apple compote this method ensures the slices become nice and jammy in the oven with less effort learn more arrow

Homemade croissants while theres no such thing as a quick croissant this recipe is as fast as they come it uses a borrowed pie crust technique to simplify the process without sacrificing flavor learn more arrow

Palmiers also known as elephant ears these cookies are made by sprinkling sugar on flaky layers of puff pastry and rolling them into little hearts simple yet delicious learn more arrow

Tarte tatin a classic tart featuring fruit laid over caramel and topped with puff pastry perfecting the caramel requires patience but the result is a beautifully caramelized bottom learn more arrow