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9 delicious vegan comfort food recipes

Chili sin carne spice up your week with this flavorful bowl of chili sin carne featuring budgetfriendly ingredients and a blend of mexicaninspired spices pair it with corn chips lime and avocado for a satisfying meal

Potato broccoli casserole snuggle up to a movie with a generous serving of this easytomake potato broccoli casserole layers of cheesy broccoli and potato create a creamy delight in every bite perfect for a comforting meal

Kidney bean burgers indulge in a juicy burger experience with these proteinpacked kidney bean patties serve them on a bun with all your favorite toppings for a satisfying meal that even carnivores will love

Vegan lentil soup treat your belly and body to a delicious bowl of antiinflammatory lentil soup bursting with aromatic herbs and spices the nutty flavor of red lentils and sweet potatoes creates a nurturing dish

Mexican buddha bowl dive into a loaded mexican buddha bowl filled with exciting textures and flavors packed with veggies this customizable recipe is best enjoyed with fresh guacamole and mango salsa

Vegan gnocchi enjoy the simple pleasures of fine italian cuisine with this easy vegan gnocchi recipe made from whole wheat flour and boiled potatoes these soft chewy bites pair perfectly with any sauce

Potato pizza crust satisfy your pizza cravings with this nutritious mashed potato pizza crust glutenfree and versatile its ideal for adding your favorite toppings for a tasty pizza night

Vegan lasagna dive into layers of chewy pasta marinara sauce vegan ricotta and cheese sauce with this irresistible vegan lasagna perfect for cozy evenings its bursting with heartwarming flavors

Vegan mac and cheese craving comfort food look no further than this undetectably vegan mac and cheese featuring a decadent cashew cheese sauce and soft noodles with broccoli its a crowdpleaser for any occasion