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9 easy and quick snack ideas for people with diabetes

Roasted chickpeas roasted chickpeas seasoned with spices like cumin and paprika offer a delicious and satisfying snack with antiinflammatory benefits rich in fiber and protein learn more arrow

Greek yogurt high in protein and lower in carbs greek yogurt offers versatility in snacks whether paired with fruit and granola or blended into smoothies for a balanced nutrientrich option learn more arrow

Pistachios with protein fiber and healthy fats pistachios are a portable snack that keeps you feeling full especially when paired with highfiber carbs like fruit or whole grain crackers for sustained energy learn more arrow

Prunes prunes often known for digestive benefits are also a highfiber powerhouse making them a nutritious snack choice enjoy them alone or chopped in yogurt for a highprotein learn more arrow

Homemade smoothie making a balanced smoothie at home with milk berries greens and protein sources like greek yogurt or protein powder provides a lowsugar alternative to storebought options learn more arrow

Dhokla dhokla a spongy indian snack made from chickpea flour and spices offers a low glycemic index option slowly impacting blood sugar levels its a flavorful choice aligned with the criteria of protein learn more arrow

Cottage cheese high in protein and creamy in texture cottage cheese is a versatile snack delicious alone or paired with whole grain cracker crisps and fresh vegetables look for lower sodium options for a healthier choice learn more arrow

Hardboiled eggs hardboiled eggs rich in protein vitamin d and choline are a quick and convenient snack option pair them with fiberfilled veggies or whole wheat crackers for a balanced blood sugar snack learn more arrow

Edamame fiber and proteinfilled edamame offers a smart snack option for stabilizing blood sugar levels whether enjoyed steamed or in crispy packaged snacks learn more arrow