9 Finger Foods & Appetizers For The Best Party Ever - Providence Village Church

9 finger foods appetizers for the best party ever

Pepper jelly hogs bitesized appetizers bursting with flavor these grownup hogs in a blanket are irresistible party treats that will keep guests coming back for more learn more arrow

Beef wellington fried wontons a partyfriendly twist on the classic beef wellington these fried wontons are packed with savory flavor and make for an elegant appetizer thats sure to impress learn more arrow

Fruit charcuterie board elevate your party spread with this vibrant fruit charcuterie board featuring a delightful assortment of seasonal fruits that are perfect for snacking and sharing learn more arrow

Ham and swiss sliders these ham and swiss sliders are a crowdpleasing favorite featuring a winning combination of flavors like poppy seeds horseradish and brown sugar thats impossible to resist learn more arrow

Buffalo chicken dip a musthave at any gathering this buffalo chicken dip is a creamy spicy sensation that will have guests coming back for more time and time again learn more arrow

Sausage cream cheese dip loaded with southwestern flavor this sausage cream cheese dip is a hit at parties disappearing quickly thanks to its irresistible taste and easy preparation learn more arrow

Grilled elote flatbread put a fresh spin on a classic mexican dish with this grilled elote flatbread perfect for summer gatherings and outdoor entertaining with its vibrant flavors and grilled goodness learn more arrow

Ranch mushrooms a family favorite these ranch mushrooms are a savory sensation disappearing quickly whenever theyre served thanks to their irresistible taste and addictive flavor learn more arrow

Almondbacon cheese crostini these baked crostini are a delightful change from the usual toasted tomato appetizer featuring a savory combination of almonds bacon and cheese thats perfect for any occasion learn more arrow