9 Foods That Cause Pimples (Plus Foods That Clear Them) - Providence Village Church

9 foods that cause pimples plus foods that clear them

Dried fruit while fruit is healthy drying it removes some of its nutritional benefits and increases its glycemic index leading to spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels which can trigger breakouts learn more arrow

Skim milk regular consumption of milk has been linked to acne with milk proteins like whey thought to be responsible for triggering breakouts learn more arrow

Whey protein powder whey protein is a concentrated form of whey found in milk making it problematic for those prone to acne learn more arrow

Trans fats found in processed foods like cookies and chips trans fats can cause inflammation and blockages in the skins blood vessels exacerbating acne learn more arrow

Shellfish high iodine content in shellfish like shrimp and lobster can trigger breakouts in some individuals sensitive to this mineral learn more arrow

Milk chocolate milk chocolate contains refined sugar dairy and often trans fats all of which can contribute to acne learn more arrow

Some sushi certain types of sushi like california rolls can contain ingredients like white rice imitation crab meat with gluten and nori sheets with iodine all potential acne triggers learn more arrow

Juice bottled juice especially fruit juice is high in sugar and lacking in fiber leading to blood sugar spikes and increased sebum production learn more arrow

Nonorganic meat meat containing high levels of antibiotics often found in nonorganic or conventionally raised poultry beef and pork can disrupt the balance of bacteria in the body learn more arrow