9 Vegan Dips Yone At Your Party Will Dig Into - Providence Village Church

Palm tree palm tree 9 vegan dips yone at your party will dig into

Palm leaf green leaf 1 hummus 4 ways in just 10 minutes you can create vibrant hummus variations like roasted beets roasted squash limeavocado or bell pepper all starting with a classic chickpea base

Palm leaf green leaf 2 creamy cashew and onion dip this vegan cheese dip uses boiled cashews blended with spices and topped with caramelized onions creating a rich dairyfree option for your charcuterie board

Palm leaf green leaf 3 strawberry rhubarb salsa a unique twist on salsa this recipe combines strawberries rhubarb sugar cider vinegar and ginger for a sweet and tangy dip perfect for chips or baked brie

Palm leaf green leaf 4 peanutbutterchocolate cookie dough dip transform canned beans into a dessert dip with sweet dates peanut butter and vegan chocolate creating a treat that tastes like cookie dough

Palm leaf green leaf 5 pumpkin seed dip toasted pumpkin seeds blended with citrus peppers and spices make a delicious dip that improves in flavor over time ideal for makeahead entertaining

Palm leaf green leaf 6 white bean spread this warm garlicky bean dip can be customized with various broths herbs and spices making it a versatile and comforting vegan appetizer

Palm leaf green leaf 7 edamameavocado dip inspired by pesto edamame and guacamole this green dip is quick to make and pairs well with pita chips tortilla chips or veggies

Palm leaf green leaf 8 quick fruit salsa mixing cucumbers kiwi avocado and fresh basil with chili powder this nontraditional salsa offers a refreshing and flavorful topping for grilled tofu or grain bowls

Palm leaf green leaf 9 pumpkin seed dip toast pumpkin seeds and blend with citrus peppers and spices for a flavorful dip that gets better with time perfect for makeahead snacks

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