All 9 Mcdonald'S Sandwiches, Ranked - Hinson Family Farms

All 9 mcdonalds sandwiches ranked

The big mac a heavyweight contender two allbeef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions a flavor and texture masterpiece

The quarter pounder with cheese packing a punch a juicy quarterpound beef patty with melty cheese satisfies the heartiest hunger

The cheeseburger the og a timeless classic beef cheese ketchup mustard pickle and onion on a toasted bun pure delicious simplicity

The mcdouble double the trouble double the fun perfect for those craving a classic burger experience at a great value

The filetofish a swim in a sea of flavor the crispy fish patty with tangy tartar sauce and cheese is a familiar favorite for seafood lovers

The spicy mcchicken bringing the heat a crispy chicken patty with a spicy mayo for those who like a kick  maybe avoid this round if youre firesensitive

The mcchicken the og chicken edition a classic chicken sandwich with a crispy patty and mayo on a toasted bun simple but sometimes thats all you crave

The mcrib when available a cult classic bbq pork with onions and pickles a devoted following awaits its return each year   this round is a mystery until it graces menus again

The double cheeseburger double the beef double thecheeseburger similar to the og cheeseburger but some might argue two patties elevate it   the jurys out on this one penspark