Braves manager Brian Snitker gets hit in groin by Ozzie Albies foul ball

The Braves manager took an errant foul ball right to his groin region in the bottom of the fifth as he stood unassumingly inside the Atlanta dugout. 

Ozzie Albies fouled a pitch right into his 68-year-old skipper as Snitker tried to block the ball with his hands at the last second. 

At first glance, the Braves broadcast crew thought that the ball had hit Snitker in the gut, but upon further review, it was clear that it had struck him lower. 

Oh no! Not on the belly,” broadcaster Brandon Gaudin said after seeing the slow-motion replay. “Never mind that’s a different kind of belly.

Albies could be seen after swinging the bat looking over at Snitker and then seemingly grabbing his groin area in reaction to where the Braves manager had taken the baseball. 

The Braves ended up winning Wednesday night’s game against the Giants, 3-1. 

When Snitker had taken the foul ball off his body, the Braves had been up 1-0 thanks to an Adam Duvall double that scored a run in the second. 

The Braves added two more runs in the fifth inning thanks to an Austin Riley RBI double that brought in two runs.