Bright Bites: Summer Salad Recipes -

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Citrus avocado splash combine tangy orange slices creamy avocado and baby spinach for a refreshing summer salad topped with a light lemon vinaigrette

Watermelon mint feta mix enjoy a sweet and savory blend of juicy watermelon fresh mint and crumbled feta cheese perfect for a hot summer day

Grilled peach arugula grill ripe peaches to caramelize their sugars then pair with peppery arugula goat cheese and a balsamic drizzle

Berry basil bliss mix fresh strawberries blueberries and raspberries with basil leaves then dress with honey and lime for a vibrant fruity salad

Mango jicama crunch combine sweet mango chunks crunchy jicama and red bell peppers topped with a chililime dressing for a tropical twist

Mediterranean chickpea toss chickpeas with cherry tomatoes cucumbers red onion and kalamata olives then finish with feta and a lemonoregano dressing

Caprese quinoa fusion blend quinoa with classic caprese ingredients like cherry tomatoes mozzarella and basil adding a hearty twist to this italian favorite

Asian sesame slaw shred cabbage and carrots then mix with edamame green onions and sesame seeds dressed in a gingersoy vinaigrette

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