Cool & Clean: Refreshing Summer Smoothie Recipes -

Cool clean refreshing summer smoothie recipes plus brown rice

Introduction beat the heat with a variety of refreshing and nutritious smoothie recipes perfect for summer days

Tropical tango take a taste trip to the tropics with this blend of mango pineapple coconut milk and a hint of lime for a zesty kick

Berry burst bursting with antioxidants this vibrant mix of mixed berries banana and almond milk offers a flavorful and healthy start to your day

Cucumber mint cool off with this revitalizing blend of cucumber mint yogurt and honey providing a refreshing twist on a classic smoothie

Watermelon stay hydrated with this juicy watermelon smoothie infused with fresh mint and a squeeze of lime perfect for hot summer afternoons

Citrus splash energize your day with a burst of citrus flavor from oranges grapefruits and a touch of ginger blended with yogurt for creaminess

Green goddess fuel up with this nutrientpacked green smoothie featuring spinach kale avocado and a splash of coconut water for hydration

Peachy paradise indulge in the sweetness of summer with a peachinfused smoothie combining ripe peaches greek yogurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon

Mango madness dive into a frenzy of mango goodness with this smoothie blending ripe mangoes banana coconut water and a squeeze of lemon

Cool creamy satisfy your sweet tooth guiltfree with a creamy chocolate smoothie made from cocoa powder almond milk banana and a drizzle of honey