Eight Rare American Dimes And Rare American Bicentennial Quarter Worth $72 Million Dollars Each Are Still In Circulation - Civilization

1 discover the rare american dimes and bicentennial quarters worth 72 million dollars each still in circulation

2 learn about the 1916d mercury dime valued at over 70000 and how you could find one in your pocket

3 explore the 1871cc seated liberty dime a rarity worth 20000 waiting to be discovered in your loose change

4 uncover the story of the 1874cc liberty seated dime a valuable coin worth 17500 still being used today

5 find out about the 1975 no s roosevelt dime an error coin worth 5000 hiding in plain sight in everyday transactions

6 delve into the history of the 1970s proof roosevelt dime a valuable coin worth 900 potentially in circulation

7 learn about the rare 1968s proof roosevelt dime valued at 400 still floating around among ordinary pocket change

8 discover the story behind the rare 2004d wisconsin state quarter worth 72 million possibly in your possession

9 explore the elusive 1970s small date lincoln cent valued at 22000 a hidden gem waiting to be found in your pocket

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