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Giada’s lemon spaghetti a no cook sauce recipe

I love nocook spaghetti sauces you just need to cook pasta pour it dripping wet into a bowl with sauce and stir dinner is neither easier nor tastier a capri restaurant sent giada de laurentis this dish amazing how good recipes circulate simple lemon spaghetti became one of her restaurants most popular dishes and characterized her career simple spaghetti with fresh lemon juice olive oil basil and parmesan the uncooked sauce is brighter dont miss this one

– 1 lb spaghetti – 23 cup extra virgin olive oil – 23 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese plus more for garnish – 12 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice – 12 cup packed sliced basil leave – salt and fresh cracked black pepper to taste – lemon zest for garnish ingredient


Rounded banner with dots 1 in a large amount of water that has been salted cook the spaghetti while this is going on in a big bowl combine the olive oil lemon juice and parmesan cheese by whisking them together

Rounded banner with dots 2 using tongs move the cooked pasta to the bowl some pasta water may come with it this is okay toss the pasta very well to coat it completely in the lemony olive oil combination right away if necessary add a tiny bit more pasta water if needed add salt and black pepper to taste

Rounded banner with dots 3 it is important to keep in mind that the spaghetti will soak up some of the sauce as you toss it

Rounded banner with dots 4 the fresh basil should be added and everything should be given one final toss before being served immediately with an additional sprinkling of cheese lemon zest and additional freshly cracked black pepper notes if you want to make the dish even more quickly you can whisk the sauce together and then store it in the refrigerator for a couple of days the basil should not be sliced until it is ready to be served

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