How the Raiders-Bears Trade for Khalil Mack Changed the NFL: ‘It Was a Shock’

Khalil Mack's trade in 2018 reshaped NFL trading norms, setting a precedent for megatrades involving star players and multiple first-round picks. 

Mack's move from the Raiders to the Bears for two first-round picks marked a significant shift in NFL trade strategies after years of reluctance.

The impact of Mack's trade reverberated across the league, prompting subsequent megatrades involving top-tier talents like Jalen Ramsey and Jamal Adams.

The trend of megatrades continued with quarterbacks like Matthew Stafford, Russell Wilson, and Deshaun Watson fetching multiple first-round picks.

Mack reflects on the business aspect of football, acknowledging that players may seek new opportunities if teams are unwilling to meet their financial demands.

The flurry of megatrades underscores the evolving dynamics of player acquisitions in the NFL, where top talents command steep prices in draft capital.

Mack's journey from the Raiders to the Chargers symbolizes the fluidity of player movement in today's NFL, where star players often find new homes.

The trade landscape in the NFL has shifted dramatically since Mack's departure, showcasing a willingness among teams to invest heavily in proven talent.