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Hummingbird health common diseases and how to prevent them

Hummingbirds can suffer from diseases like avian pox and candidiasis regularly clean feeders and provide fresh nectar to prevent transmission detailed article

Feather mites and lice are common parasites in hummingbirds inspect birds for signs of infestation and provide dust baths for prevention

Nectar spoilage can lead to fungal growth harmful to hummingbirds change nectar every 23 days and clean feeders thoroughly to prevent issues

Dehydration is a serious concern for hummingbirds provide fresh water sources and misters for bathing to help them stay hydrated

Predators like cats and praying mantises pose a threat to hummingbirds place feeders strategically and create barriers to protect them from harm

Landscaping with native plants can attract insects for hummingbirds to feed on avoid pesticides to maintain a healthy environment for these beautiful birds

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