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Tips for preventing insects at your hummingbird feeding station

Place feeders in shaded areas to deter insects clean feeders regularly with hot water to remove mold and debris use ant moats or traps to keep ants away detailed article

Opt for feeders with bee guards to prevent bees from accessing the nectar consider using natural insect repellents like mint or basil plants near the feeding station

Avoid using sticky traps near feeders as they can harm hummingbirds hang feeders away from trees or bushes where insects may hide replace nectar every 23 days

Install a wasp trap away from the feeding station to attract and trap wasps use feeders with perches to allow hummingbirds to feed without being bothered by flying insects

Create a water moat around the feeder pole to prevent crawling insects like ants plant insectrepelling flowers like marigolds or lavender near the feeding area

Regularly inspect the feeding station for any signs of insect infestation adjust feeding station setup as needed to maintain a bugfree environment for hummingbirds

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