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Top 10 lowcalorie snacks that are high in protein

Hardboiled egg a quick glutenfree snack with each large egg providing 6g of protein and healthy fats egg whites offer 4g–5g of protein with almost no fat

Beef jerky highprotein lowcalorie snack available in various meats like turkey or salmon watch for sodium content if monitoring salt intake

Lean turkey and pretzel twists deli turkey slices offer 24g of protein per slice pair with pretzels for a balanced snack roll turkey slices with vegetables for added nutrients

Cottage cheese with blueberries and muesli provides 11g of protein in a 35ounce serving top with blueberries and muesli for added flavor and texture choose glutenfree muesli for allergensensitive diets

Peanuts and semisweet chocolate chips a satisfying mix for 9g of protein per serving ensure chocolate chips are allergenfree if needed consider dark chocolate for a healthier option

Chia pudding rich in fiber and omega3s offering 47g of protein per ounce customize with flavors like peanut butter cup chia pudding use almond milk for a dairyfree alternative

Edamame soybeans packed with 184g of protein per cup ideal for a savory lowcalorie snack season with sea salt and a dash of lemon juice for extra flavor

Diy chocolate milk a lowcalorie highprotein option for chocolate cravings check labels for allergens like gluten use lactosefree milk for those with dairy sensitivities

Chilled shrimp light and proteinrich providing about 20g of protein per 3ounce serving ideal for a quick meaty snack dip in a homemade cocktail sauce for added zest

Grabandgo grain salad convenient salads with grains and lentils offering around 12g of protein per serving opt for glutenfree options if needed add diced avocado for healthy fats

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