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8 sweet honey bee facts you should know

Why are honey bees important one in three bites of food depends on pollinators like honey bees gardeners should help them avoid pesticides and grow natives

What do honey bees look like a honey bee has four wings and six legs the bodies are golden yellow with brown bands honey bee queens are bigger her wings cover barely 23 of her body

How fast do honey bees fly a honey bees top speed is 20 mph they can go up to two kilometers from the hive to gather for pollen because to their speed and endurance

How are honey bees born only queen bees reproduce the queen remains the hives mother and star because their pheromones prevent worker bees from laying eggs queen bees may lay 2000 eggs daily

How long do honey bees live a bees lifespan depends on its colony position queens live seven years while springsummer laborers live five to six weeks

Where do honey bees live hives house honeybees queens workers and drones form a tight social organization in each hive healthy hives have one queen 2000 to 60000 female workers that gather pollen

Are honey bees native to north america the western honey bee has more than 20 subspecies none of which are indigenous to north america after being introduced from europe the middle east and africa they expanded here

Does a honey bee have a stinger honey bees sting but its expensive a honey bee dies after stinging a person or animal because its barbed stinger lingers in the victim remove the stinger soon to reduce agony