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Vegetable frittata recipe

In a pinch whats your favourite fast meal eggs in one form or another are practically always mine the majority of it is fried and then thrown on top of any leftovers from the fridge on occasion though ill whip up a colourful veggie frittata when i chance to have a colourful haul from the produce area that way i can have it for any meal of the day the following day as part of my plan to consume less meat ive been making excellent vegetable frittatas

– 8 large eggs – 12 cup grated parmesan cheese – 1 tsp salt – 12 tsp black pepper – 12 tsp chili flakes optional – 3 tbsp fresh chives parsley basil – 2 tbsp butter or olive oil – 1 cup heaped colorful bell peppers chopped – 12 cup heaped slivered red onion – 2 dozen very small cherry tomatoes or 12 halved cherry tomatoe ingredient


Rounded banner with dots 1 set oven temperature to 400 degrees fahrenheit add 3 tablespoons of water to the eggs and whisk until fully combined cheese salt pepper and chili flakes if used should all be whisked in add the herbs and cut them in half

Rounded banner with dots 2 in a skillet with a diameter of ten inches heat the butter or oil and sauté the onions and peppers for a few minutes just until they become slightly more tender

Rounded banner with dots 3 the egg mixture should be poured into the pan and it should be cooked carefully until the edges begin to firm

Rounded banner with dots 4 place the cherry tomatoes in an arrangement on top take note that if you are using cherry tomatoes that have been split in half you should position them with the cut side facing up

Rounded banner with dots 5 carefully transfer the frittata into the preheated oven and bake for 1215 minutes until the center is just cooked but still little loose remember it will cook after leaving the oven so judge accordingly undercooked scrambled eggs are better than overcooked slice and serve heated or room temperature

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